Learn how a range of factors such as changing demographics, sustainability, the increasing influence of store brands and more are all driving the packaging industry forward.

A cross-functional team of 10 Zip-Pak managers took an outside-in view on innovation to identify and understand global packaging and consumer trends. The managers conducted an intensive 18-month study that involved reaching out, talking with, and gathering insights from a complete spectrum of “voices,” from industry to brand to retailer and ultimately consumers.

The approach was a clear and simple one: act the part of attentive, systematic observers of the current and changing landscape of packaging and of the global consumer, to understand the drivers behind current and evolving desires, needs and concerns.

The study involved in-depth interviews with more than 75 industry insiders, including consultants, media, research personnel, packaging school professors, equipment manufacturers, converters, consumer packaged goods executives, and retailers. The voice of the consumer also played an important part in the report.


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