Consulting Services

Zip-Pak takes a holistic approach to incorporating resealable technology into packaging. As the only company of its kind with an in-house equipment division, Zip-Pak is positioned to approach any resealable packaging challenge, from any angle. You tell us your packaging objectives, business needs and ROI goals, and a team of experienced packaging engineers will help you meet them.

Design manufacturing efficiency into your resealable package

It’s not enough to design an appealing package. You have to be able to manufacture it effectively too. That’s where Zip-Pak’s design services can help. You’ll work with an experienced team of design and packaging engineers to develop a resealable package that attracts attention and performs effectively.

Make a smooth transition to Zip-Pak resealable packaging technology

Zip-Pak helps you add a resealable feature efficiently and cost effectively. You’ll work with a team of experienced packaging engineers, designers and manufacturing/process engineers who can help you:

  • Streamline the process of adding resealable technology
  • Ensure optimal resealable packaging efficiency
  • Minimize disruption to existing packaging lines
  • Maintain or enhance line speeds with the new resealable zipper technology

How can Zip-Pak help you implement resealable flexible packaging solutions?

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