Food Waste

According to a recent report from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a division of the United Nations, which was recently presented at Interpack 2011, Americans and Europeans produce approximately 209-253 pounds of food waste a year.  Based on a report from the CDC, the American male weighs about 200 lbs on average.  Yes, folks, we are literally throwing away our weight, and then some, in food every year.

The report from FAO highlights the reasons for food waste in the US and Europe.  One of these factors is the perceived freshness of perishables.

We at Zip-Pak have been discussing this issue for quite a while.  Resealable flexible packaging improves product freshness by reducing exposure to oxygen and other environmental contaminates.

We’re interested to see if these findings will be reported by the mainstream consumer media.  One thing is for sure, in a world of increasingly worrying reports of impending environmental challenges, a sustainable future has become a global issue for governments, consumers, retailers and brand owners alike, and food waste is certainly part of the problem.