Give Consumers the Lowdown on Labels

Packaging not only greets consumers and influences their purchasing decisions immediately, but it can also empower them to try something new.  With that in mind, Starbucks launched a new labeling system for its packaged coffee last year.  Calling the design a “level system,” the brand’s packaging tells consumers which coffee fits their taste profile through a numbering and color system.

It’s an innovative concept, especially for those consumers who are increasingly time-crunched and looking for ways to shop easier and smarter.  In addition, less-seasoned coffee drinkers can feel more empowered about their purchasing decision by the information on the label, ensuring they are picking the right premium coffee for their tastes.  It opens the brand up to a new group of consumers; those that want to try premium coffee but have perhaps been too intimidated to do so.

Consumer product goods companies should take note of how Starbucks is enticing shoppers and consider similar labeling systems for the unique aspects of their products.