Learn how Zip-Pak resealable flexible packaging technologies can help your score.

Wal-Mart recently launched its Sustainable Scorecard, which grades packages on their environmental friendliness. The retail giant has already begun scrutinizing suppliers by their sustainable packaging score.

Flexible packaging can often help raise your Sustainable Scorecard results. Sustainable flexible packaging delivers consistent environmental benefits throughout its Life Cycle. It produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), uses less energy (BTUs), and generates less waste than bulky competitive packages. Zip-Pak resealable technology can help create higher Sustainable Packaging Scores and environmental wins!

15 % based on Greenhouse Gas (GHG)/CO2 per ton of Production
15 % based on Material Value
15 % based on Product/Package Ratio
15 % based on Cube Utilization
10 % based on Transportation
10 % based on Recycled Content
10 % based on Recovery Value
5 % based on Renewable Energy
5 % based on Innovation

How can Zip-Pak help you implement resealable flexible packaging solutions?

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