Harnessing innovation through supplier partnerships

A recent article in Packaging World highlights the role of suppliers in bringing innovation to consumer product goods (CPG) companies.  At Zip-Pak, we couldn’t agree more.  The industry is changing, and suppliers must be engaged as collaborators early in the development of new products and packaging.  Consider a couple of reasons why these industry partnerships should continue to become the norm:

1. Going Green – The materials and package styles play one of the most critical roles in determining the sustainability of a package.  With increasing pressure by retailers to develop material solutions that meet the evolving sustainability standards, countless companies are introducing material solutions that contribute to lower energy consumption, solid waste generation, and greenhouse gas emissions.  Maintaining close relationships with these innovators can give your brand a competitive advantage in green push.

2. Package Functionality – Consumers are a fickle bunch, and if a new package doesn’t perform as promised, they don’t hesitate to find a different brand.  Materials, machinery and package design all contribute to functionality, necessitating early involvement from all suppliers.  A common example we see here is perforation – if it isn’t executed correctly, consumers may accidentally tear off the zipper profile.    When we are brought into the package design process upfront, however, we are able to make recommendations about how the resealable solution should be applied for easy open, easy close functionality.

The relationship between CPGs, retailers and packaging suppliers is rapidly changing, and we’re excited to see what innovations are on the horizon for our industry.