Add Zip-Pak Resealable Technology – Outsource to a Converter

Whether you need a quick fix to test-market a new product or a low cost resealable package, learn how you can add Zip-Pak resealable packaging technology by outsourcing to a converter.

We’ll pair you with a converter that manufactures finished pouches for hand-fill or semi-automated operations. Thanks to our innovative resealable zipper designs, you have numerous resealable packaging options for low density bags, laminated pouches or pre-zippered rollstock.

“Zip-Pak’s custom zipper gave distinct sealing advantages, allowing us to meet unique bag design specifications and to provide a high-quality solution to our customer.”

—Allan Ching, group product development manager, Aperio Group Pty Limited referring to a specialty zipper from Zip-Pak that enabled the company to provide Sanitarium Health Food Company with pre-zippered film to help drive brand preference for their Skippy® and Ricies® cereals.

-Aperio Group Pty Limited 、グループ製品開発マネージャ、アラン・チン氏

Discuss your equipment needs with an expert in flexible packaging technology today.Learn more about Zip-Pak’s Markets

Application Zip-Pak Technology Benefits
LDPE Pouches
  • Standard Flanged ZIP-PAK® Press-to-Close™
  • ZIP-PAK® SLIDER™ for LDPE pouches (QuickZip™)
  • Ideal for large and small format packages
  • Facilitates easier closing in some applications
  • Cost-effective slider alternative
Laminated Pouches including pillow pouch and stand-up pouch
  • Standard Flanged ZIP-PAK® Press-to-Close™
  • Wide range of resealable solutions to fit a wide range of applications and budgets
ZIP-PAK® Barrier INNO-LOK® Pre-zippered Rollstock
  • Complete line of proprietary zippers specifically designed for INNO-LOK® technology
  • Barrier zippers protect oxygen and moisture sensitive products”