Zip-Pak’s Core Markets

Uniquely Flexible Closures for Any Market, Any Product

Virtually anything in a flexible package will benefit from a resealable closure. Zip-Pak applications for resealable packaging are unlimited and all are uniquely designed to offer greater convenience to consumers. Currently, the most popular global markets are meat, cheese, pet food, snacks and dry goods, frozen foods, cereal and confectionery. In emerging markets they include produce, household and personal care items, along with medical and nutraceutical products.

When you combine Zip-Pak’s expertise, resources and services with the thousands of applications we have to offer, it’s virtually guaranteed that there’s a flexible packaging solution that your customers will prefer and choose, one that delivers greater success to your bottom line.

For more information about how a resealable closure can enhance your brand, click on a market below.


Bakery ingredients and items benefit from the protection and dispensing advantages of resealable closures.


New packaging solutions for the cereal market can help reduce the environmental impact compared to traditional bag-in-box formats.


Resealable packaging helps keep shredded, block and sliced cheese fresher longer.

Frozen Foods

Adding a resealable closure to frozen food packages keeps contents from spilling between uses.

Lawn & Garden

Resealable closures eliminate spillage and protect contents for a wide range of sizes and styles for lawn and garden products.

Personal Care

Resealable closures from Zip-Pak preserve and protect the quality of personal care products.