New Wave of Consumers Drives Zip-Pak® Flexible Packaging Innovations on Display at Global Pouch Forum 2015

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Among generational consumer segments, Millennials aged between 15 and 35, represent as much as a third of the global population, making them the largest and most influential group. Zip-Pak’s array of innovative resealable solutions on display at Global Pouch Forum 2015, represent exciting and unique flexible package characteristics preferred by this emerging economic force.

Zipbox®, The Resealable Box

Zipbox® is a unique hybrid package that combines the consumer-preferred attributes of flexible and rigid packaging into a novel combination of materials that is both value adding and user-intuitive. Co-developed by Zip-Pak and T.H.E.M., a leader in technology transfer and packaging solutions, Zipbox provides an ideal solution to the long-standing consumer need for easily resealing a carton and maintaining product freshness after opening. Initially introduced under the Plantation Sugar brand, Zipbox continues to garner interest for a broad range of consumer product categories, among both leading and store brand marketers.

Engaging the Senses

Further satisfying the preferences of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and in particular the Millennials’ role as early adopters of packaging technology, Zip-Pak has debuted a new series of Sensory Feedback Fasteners. This lineup includes Sensus™, a zipper with heightened audible and vivid tactile consumer feedback when opened and closed, and Fragrance-Zip™, a closure designed to emit a customized aroma upon initial and subsequent openings. The ergonomically designed Slider Select™ enables consumers of all age groups to easily and reliably open and close a package.

Ease of Use through a Simple Elegance of Form and Function

Creating packaging that appeals to all generations of consumers, Millennials in particular, requires a savvy mix of design and technology that offers convenience, functionality and sustainability. Zip-Pak accomplishes this with innovations created with ease of use in mind that include Pour & Lok® which combines easy opening, resealability and pour spout functionality. ZIP360® is a resealable pouch with a wide opening, enabling convenient product access to easily scoop and pour package contents. Pour & Lok® and ZIP360® include the Zip-Pak Vector™, a multi-aligning and self-mating resealable matrix style closure.

Zip-Pak Resealable Specialists Scheduled to be On Hand

Visitors will have the opportunity to speak directly with Zip-Pak senior executives to gain a unique perspective on flexible packaging trends and technology advancements, in both mature and emerging markets. A group of representatives from the company’s field services team will also be at the show to speak with attendees who are considering the adoption of a resealable feature for a new or existing flexible package. These highly experienced equipment and packaging experts frequently travel to facilities, assisting with resealable closure consultation, specification, equipment integration, and operator training.