Norwegian Meat Manufacturer Increases Access to Market Share by Over 55 %

Company provides consumer convenience with resealable packaging technology from Zip-Pak.

Whitby, UK (April 25, 2008) – SPIS Grilstad, a leading Norwegian meat manufacturer, has increased its access to the Norwegian market share from 18 % to 75 % after refreshing the packaging of 20 deli meat and sausage SKUs. The new resealable packages, which hit store shelves in February 2008, feature a convenient zipper closure from Zip-Pak, which helps consumer product companies strengthen brands through convenient resealable packaging technology.

“We needed to find a way to differentiate our dried ham, salami, sausages and sliced chicken from the competition, and adding an element of convenience seemed like a move in the right direction,” says Georg Fredrik Mattingsdal, head of technical development for SPIS Grilstad.  “Ultimately, the resealable closures added significant value to our products, and helped us secure accounts with two additional grocery store chains in the Norwegian market.”

Multivac helped SPIS Grilstad make the transition to resealibility by supplying the adequate machinery, employee training and additional technical support. The packages take the form of 200mm x 136.25mm semi-flexible containers with a flexible lid and a ZIP-PAK® Press-to-Close™ resealable closure on the side. The new format brings added convenience to consumers by allowing them to easily preserve unused portions without transferring contents into a separate container.

“As sustainability is becoming a more significant concern, we are pleased to provide consumers with the confidence that by resealing the original package, our products will remain fresher throughout the last serving, helping to reduce food waste,” said Mattingsdal.

Resealable packaging also helps to raise brand awareness and preference. As the original package is also used as a storage container, consumers are exposed to brand images and messages throughout the life of the product.

“Essentially, resealable packaging provides a way to enhance the relationship between a brand and the consumer,” says Bob Hogan, Director of International Sales and Marketing for Zip-Pak. “Studies consistently indicate that consumers overwhelmingly prefer a resealable closure.”

As a result of the positive response and significant increase in market share to date, SPIS Grilstad plans to incorporate resealable technology on more of its packaging in the coming months.