Package Formats

For a Resealable Packaging Solution That’s Uniquely Suited to Your Needs, Talk to Zip-Pak.

With our deep knowledge, experience, machinery, and technical expertise, Zip-Pak can make virtually any package a resealable one.

An overview of our most popular formats:

Stand-up/Block-Bottom Pouch

  • This pouch features a flat bottom, with gussets
  • On this format the zipper is located at top of package
  • This style is often used for cookies, pet foods, confections, and snacks
  • Equipment options include Horizontal or Vertical/Form/Fill/Seal or Pre-made Pouch machines

3- or 4-Sided Seal Pouch

  • Full-panel graphics on the front and rear are a key feature of this pouch style
  • This packaging style has more available area to promote your product and its benefits
  • There is no rear fin-seal to interrupt the rear panel copy or graphics
  • This format features a zipper on either the short or long side
  • This format is frequently used for produce, confections, rice, popcorn, IQF poultry and frozen vegetables
  • Equipment options include Horizontal or Vertical/Form/Fill/Seal or Pre-made Pouch machines

Thermoform Pouch

  • Package features full-panel graphics on front and back to provide the greatest exposure for graphics, logos, and other branded information
  • This style now features traditional “press to close” ZIP-PAK® resealable packaging, or new ZIP-PAK® SLIDER™ resealable packaging
  • The zipper runs along the side of package for ease of access to product
  • This style is regularly used for deli meat, hot dogs, bacon and sliced or block cheese
  • Equipment options include Thermoform/Fill/Seal equipment

Pillow Pouch

  • The zipper can be located on long or short side of package
  • The packaging can be produced in wide range of sizes
  • This solution is often used for: cereal, produce, and salty snacks
  • Equipment options include Vertical/Form/Fill/Seal machines or Horizontal Flow-Wrappers

Package formats are available for Form/Fill/Seal and pre-made pouch applications.





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