Packaging Digest Highlights Zip-Pak’s Technology and Plumrose USA

Plumrose Updates Packaging with ZIP-PAK ® DoubleZip™

East Brunswick, NJ (November 9, 2008) – Plumrose, one of the largest U.S. producers of sliced meats, upgraded its line of premium packaged deli meats with a ZIP-PAK® DoubleZip™ resealable closure to help consumers protect the freshness of their packaged foods, which reduces food waste and enhances sustainability.

Food waste due to spoilage can be an unnecessary strain on consumer budgets, especially during an economic downturn. DoubleZip features two sets of interlocking profiles that are ergonomically designed to guide consumers’ fingers along a path when closing a package, ensuring complete closure after each use. The sealed package reduces product exposure to oxygen and other environmental contaminants that lead to food spoilage, so products retain maximum freshness throughout the final use.

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 96 million pounds of food are discarded annually,” explains Dave Forte, Vice President of Sales at Plumrose USA. “The package upgrade for our premium line of sliced deli

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meats helps prevent food waste, and the unnecessary spending that goes along with it.”

Reducing food waste also has significant sustainability benefits. Throughout decomposition in landfills, food waste releases methane, which the EPA says is 20 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide. Plumrose also chose to incorporate DoubleZip on its deli meat packagesto eliminate the need for consumers to transfer contents into a separate container for resealable storage. This benefit reduces additional packaging waste, and keeps marketing messages in front of the consumer throughout product use.

“Zip-Pak is consistently innovating to provide benefits that resonate with consumers,” says Elizabeth Sheaffer, Marketing Manager at Zip-Pak. “DoubleZip helps consumer product companies provide the cost saving and sustainability benefits consumers desire by ensuring easy package closure to maximize food freshness.”