Packaging of the Future

In a recent article from Packaging World, predictions are made for the future of the packaging industry in the seemingly likely event that resources will be hard to come by.

Not surprisingly, the article predicts that the most resource-efficient package will dominate the market. Sustainability and the idea of “going green” permeate almost every type of industry these days, and packaging is no exception.

In addition to sustainability, though, packagers will need to keep in mind functionality. While this is still an important factor in today’s packaging world, it will become even more important in the resource-strapped future. Companies who pay the most attention to the resources that go into their packaging and the carbon footprint it leaves behind will find the most success.

At Zip-Pak,

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we’re constantly thinking about the environment and our impact on it. Our resealable solutions support sustainability in areas such as package-to-product ratios, CO2 emissions and cube utilization, and we are a proud member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

This article from Packaging World has only done more to validate our belief that sustainability should be a priority in packaging, both now and in the future.