Zip-Pak® cordially invites the international packaging press to its exhibit at Pack Expo 2015, Central Hall Booth #3400.

Press Release: Zip-Pak® at Pack Expo 2015


Zip-Pak, the global leader in zipper technology for flexible packaging, will present its most recent line of closure advancements, Sensory Feedback Fasteners, that feature performance characteristics which appeal to a consumer’s sense of sound, sight, smell or touch, along with its full range of proven resealable technologies at Pack Expo 2015, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, September 28-30, Booth C-3400.

"Today’s consumers are mobilized, highly-engaged multi-taskers, surrounded by multi-sensory experiences" remarks Carrie Strieter, Director, Strategic Marketing & Innovation for Zip-Pak. "For instance, observe their interactions with mobile devices and you see how essential ‘fingertip touch-points’ have become in their daily lives. These behavioral habits have directly influenced the development of our current family of closure innovations, Sensory Feedback Fasteners."

The Zip-Pak array of advanced solutions on display at Pack Expo 2015 represents exciting and unique flexible package characteristics that precisely align with rapidly growing consumer trends. They’re the result of leading-edge ingenuity and progressive collaborations with valued supply chain partners, resulting in advantages for both brand owners and consumers alike. "While some may suggest we’re trendsetters," Strieter comments, "We view ourselves as imaginative and skilled interpreters of consumer behavior when it comes to packaging, always in step with and supportive of both emerging and established trends."


The Engaging Sound of Sensus™

Following the successful debut of Sensus™ to its line of Sensory Feedback Fasteners, Zip-Pak has recently expanded its closure line to include four different zipper profiles; each one incorporates the high-performance sealing feature that provides both audial and tactile feedback to assure the consumer that their package has been firmly sealed. Sensus made a successful commercial debut in Europe, first with the Entremont brand of shredded cheese, and most recently with Sayon Paneton.

The Captivating Scent of FRAGRANCE-ZIP™

FRAGRANCE-ZIP™ is designed to emit a customized aroma upon initial and subsequent openings of a flex\ble resealable package. The scent is embedded in the reclosure during the manufacturing process. Through a close partnership with several fragrance companies, Zip-Pak has the ability to duplicate virtually any desired aroma, enabling a package to replicate the scent whenever opened. This versatile fragrance technology may be incorporated into a number of packaging styles.

The Convincing Touch of Vector™

Vector™ delivers a vivid tactile response, assuring consumers of proper performance upon opening, closing, and storage of a flexible packaged product. A self-mating resealable closure, Vector represents a distinctive, easy-to-use alternative to traditional zipper profiles thanks to a matrix pattern that offers superior air-seal capabilities and is easier to align.


The Reliability of Slider Select™

The ergonomically designed Slider Select™ enables consumers of any age to reliably open and close a flexible package. Its leak-resistant profile delivers improved processing and manufacturing efficiencies. Slider Select’s advantages include high inside-burst strength; a slider that glides effortlessly; and reduced mass of both zipper and slider.

The Ease and Accessibility of ZIP360®

The ZIP360® resealable pouch creates a wider opening for convenient product access, enabling consumers to easily reach package contents. The reclosure is designed to close on itself with no end termination for full perimeter resealability. ZIP360 substantially reduces the amount of materials needed to manufacture when compared to more traditional packaging formats.

The Functional Simplicity of Pour & Lok®

Pour & Lok® is a resealable packaging solution that combines easy opening with pour spout functionality. A press-to-close, foldable zipper is pre-applied to film in the side gusset, creating a partial opening that forms the package’s easy-to-use resealable spout.


The Hybrid Benefits of Zipbox®

Zipbox® is the unique hybrid packaging format that combines the consumer-preferred attributes of flexible and rigid packaging into a novel combination of materials that is both value adding and user-intuitive. Zipbox provides an ideal solution to the long-standing consumer need for easily resealing a carton and maintaining product freshness after opening. The format offers substantial production efficiencies and uses significantly less material when compared to traditional bag-in-box format since no inner liner is required.


Zip-Pak cordially welcomes writers, editors and publishers of the international packaging media at Pack Expo 2015, and is scheduling press appointments at this time. To schedule a meeting or interview, please call Ilena DellaVentura (T: 908-534-9044), or email, with the Subject "Packaging Media Request." Drop-ins also are welcome to visit the company’s exhibit, Booth C-3400.


Visitors will have the opportunity to speak directly with Zip-Pak’s industry experts and gain a unique perspective on flexible packaging trends and technology advancements. They will be available to consult on the many ways that Zip-Pak’s solutions represent opportunities to make the move to resealable flexible packaging with greater efficiency, and more cost effectively than ever before. Representatives from the company’s field services team will also be at the show to speak with attendees who are considering the adoption of a resealable feature for a new or existing flexible package. These highly experienced experts frequently travel to facilities, assisting with resealable closure consultation, specification, equipment integration, and operator training.


Zip-Pak, a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (ITW) and the global leader in resealable packaging innovation, works closely with original equipment manufacturers, converters, packagers and brands. The company holds over 400 closure and related patents worldwide, and offers the most comprehensive portfolio of resealable zipper solutions. The Zip-Pak culture is one of continuous innovation and close collaboration with customers and packaging partners. Zip-Pak helps build brand preference with a range of quality resealable zipper solutions that deliver an enriched interactive experience, ease of use, and greater convenience to consumers. Headquartered in Manteno, Illinois, Zip-Pak operates seven world-class production facilities strategically located around the globe. This worldwide presence provides
Zip-Pak with a unique viewpoint from which to readily identity emerging opportunities for resealable flexible packaging. For more information about Zip-Pak’s zipper innovations, please visit

For press information from Zip-Pak, please contact:

Ilena DellaVentura
Delia Associates
T: 908.534.9044

For more information about Illinois Tool Works (ITW), please contact:

Alison S. Donnelly
Director of Communications, Investor Relations
155 Harlem Avenue
Glenview, IL 60025
T: 224-661-7427

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Zip-Pak Partners at Pack Expo 2015

  Zip-Pak Partners at Pack Expo 2015

Partner Product Name Hall Booth
BOSCH Press-to-Close Central 2800
FL TECNICS/Matrix Press-to-Close Central 3323
PACMAC Press-to-Close/Zipper Tape Central 4027
PARSONS/EAGLE InnoLok Central 2625
SN PACKAGING/PPI Technologies Group Press-to-Close Central 4636
VELTEKO/Alliedflex Technologies Press-to-Close Central 5438
RADPAK/PPI Technologies Group Press-to-Close Central 4636

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