Private label continues its upswing into the New Year

Despite recent indicators that the economy is in recovery, a study from the Private Label Manufacturers Association says private label has staying power.  Over 57 percent of shoppers said they buy store brands frequently, and that number has been on the rise for over a year.

Retailers have been commended since the onset of the economic downturn for being leaders in packaging innovation, a trend that is likely to continue.  Let’s take a look at what private label brands have done successfully in their packaging.

Elegant Design

When it comes to package design, the old adage “less is more” certainly rings true.  Take Safeway’sWaterfront Bistro line of frozen seafood.  A simple white background allows the product images to engage consumers at the point-of-purchase.  As BRANDPACKAGING notes, “The design sells the brand positioning of restaurant-quality seafood prepared easily and economically at home.”  Giving consumers the feel of luxury in the package is important when appealing to shrinking budgets.

Value-Added Features

Both national and private label brands understand the importance of convenience when it comes to packaging.  From steam-in-bag pouches to resealable functionality, consumers want products that fit into their lifestyles.  They often consume products on the go and look at them as accessories to their everyday lives. A favorite among our colleagues here at Zip-Pak is the Archer Farms (Target) resealable potato chip bag.  It eliminates the need for a “chip clip” and encourages brand loyalty by giving the consumer a positive experience with the package.

Private label brands are certainly on the forefront of packaging innovation, and the lesson our industry can learn is that elegance and functionality are the key to winning and maintaining the loyalty of consumers.