Resealable Solutions

Enhancing Brand Appeal

There’s no question that providing consumer convenience enhances brand appeal. Based on independent market research, we know that consumers instantly recognize the ease-of-use that resealable packaging offers, and are more inclined to choose such a package regardless of price.

Resealable packaging also helps brands to stand out on store shelves, creating a virtual marketing billboard for greater visibility at point of purchase. But not all resealable packaging features are created equal. During focus groups conducted in the United States, consumers repeatedly chose Zip-Pak technologies over a range of available options. Consumers say they prefer consistent quality that ensures a complete and secure package seal every time.

Reliable, Cost-Effective Technology

When resealable packaging for consumer packaged goods was first introduced over 20 years ago, few companies were able to incorporate the technology. Since then Zip-Pak’s development efforts in flexible packaging and equipment have resulted in more affordable options. Zip-Pak offers simple and cost-effective transitions and set-up processes, making it easier than ever to add resealable packaging technology to consumer packaging.