ZIP-PAK® Press-to-Close™

For a uniquely reliable seal you can trust, use ZIP-PAK® Press-to-Close™ resealable technologies featuring flanged interlocking zipper profiles.

Choose the ZIP-PAK® Press-to-Close™ technology that’s right for you:

ZIP-PAK® Press-to-Close™ – Standard Flanged

Press-to-Close flanged zippers are uniquely versatile, and with easy-to-grab flanges, offer an enhanced consumer experience. They connect to top, bottom or both sides of the zipper profile and easily attach onto your packaging film.

Standard String ZIP-PAK® Press-to-Close™

Every one of our string Press-to-Close interlocking profiles offers a highly economical, effective closure for many resealable packaging applications.When you’re searching for a unique packaging form, function or feature, Specialty ZIP-PAK® Press-to-Close™ technologies offer unmatched selection. Whatever the package, application or machinery format, nobody’s more flexible.



Put a little zip in your flexible packaging and watch sales grow.
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Features flanged interlocking zipper profiles for a reliable seal you can trust.

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