See Zip-Pak® Resealable Zipper Solutions in Action at Andina Pack 2015

 Andina Pack 2015

Zip-Pak®, the global leader in zipper technology, will showcase a range of proven resealable solutions to Latin American packaging professionals at Andina Pack 2015, November 10-13, Pavilion 17, Stand 1407–1410, in Bogota, Colombia. Packaging machinery company Pacmac will be running sample pouches with Zip-Pak zippers on its latest 9500 Series Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine at the Zip-Pak exhibit.

Zip-Pak will provide attendees the opportunity to personally experience the many benefits of resealable zipper technology at Andina Pack this year. Representatives from Zip-Pak South America will present the company’s proven zipper solutions that encourage consumer preference for brands marketed in flexible packaging. Pacmac, a leading provider of vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machinery, and long-time supply chain partner, will be operating a new 9500 series high speed VFFS machine in the Zip-Pak exhibit. The new machine will run pouch samples featuring Zip-Pak Zipper Tape™ and Press-To-Close™ zippers, allowing visitors to evaluate the high quality and functionality of Zip-Pak zipper technology first hand.

“Zipper Tape and Press-to-Close zippers are two of our most popular and fastest-growing products in South America,” commented James Lieberson, vice president, Zip-Pak South America. “They have been successfully used in the region, and the world, with a variety of consumer products, and that’s why we’ve decided to feature them at Andina Pack this year. Along with Pacmac, we’re excited to give attendees a hands-on experience of zipper technology, to help them discover the many advantages of resealable flexible packaging for their brands.”

Ease-of-use, better access to package contents, improved dispensing and the preservation of product freshness are just a few of the many consumer benefits evident in the zipper solutions that will be on display at Andina Pack. In addition to Zipper Tape and Press-to-Close, Zip-Pak will showcase a number of other proven zipper solutions: INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film, Pour & Lok®, ZIP360® and Slider Select™. These Zip-Pak solutions are ideally suited for poultry, salty snacks, meats and cheese, and many other consumer products.

INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film

INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film is a method of attaching reclosable zippers transversely to the front of packaging film. INNO-LOK can be used for both barrier and non-barrier packaging applications, and provides the flexibility to run both reclosable and regular bags on any packaging line without the need for additional capital expenditures. With INNO-LOK technology, a zipper can be integrated into an existing flexible package on standard VFFS equipment in a matter of weeks.

Pour & Lok®

Pour & Lok® is a resealable packaging solution that combines easy opening with pour spout functionality. A press-to-close, foldable zipper is pre-applied to film in the side gusset, creating a partial opening that forms the package’s easy-to-use resealable spout.


The ZIP360® resealable pouch creates a wider opening for convenient product access, enabling consumers to easily reach package contents. The reclosure is designed to close on itself with no end termination for full perimeter resealability. ZIP360 substantially reduces the amount of materials needed to manufacture when compared to more traditional packaging formats.

Slider Select™

The ergonomically designed Slider Select™ enables consumers of any age to reliably open and close a flexible package. Its leak-resistant profile delivers improved processing and manufacturing efficiencies. Slider Select’s advantages include high inside-burst strength; a slider that glides effortlessly; and reduced mass of both zipper and slider.