Arctic Glacier

How a North American leader in the packaged ice industry used resealable packaging to expand their market share.

Flexible packaging challenge:

Arctic Glacier®, a leader in the $2.5 billion North American packaged ice industry, wanted to differentiate its Premium Ice from its competitors, widen retail distribution and increase sales.

Zip-Pak resealable packaging solution:

The Zip-Pak teamed with Arctic Glacier’s packaging equipment manufacturer and an Arctic Glacier Mid-western franchisee to retrofit their existing packaging equipment, supplying technical expertise, manufacturing support and zipper closure materials.

Zip-Pak uniquely flexible benefits:

  • Arctic Glacier now produces exclusive five- and seven-pound bags of ice featuring Zip-Pak resealable packaging.
  • Improved access to the package contents combined with secure closure and ease of storage to create a clear preference with consumers for the Arctic Glacier Premium Ice brand that resulted in increased market share.

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Tea Ren

“Adding a resealable feature has given us an advantage over ice brands packaged in traditional non-resealable bags. With just this one change, we have increased our market share. Consumers prefer the added convenience of easy storage.”

—Deina Merschbrock, Director, Sales and Marketing, for the Arctic Glacier Premium® Ice franchise