How Zip-Pak’s expertise, technical support and training helped Hershey achieve very “sweet” packaging results.

The flexible packaging challenge:

Help chocolate-icon Hershey introduce its first quad-seal, stand-up flexible package in the transverse, or cross web direction for Twizzlers and Jolly Rancher candies.

The Zip-Pak uniquely flexible packaging solution:

  • Assemble an experienced team of Zip-Pak packaging experts to provide recommendations and equipment options on the existing package design.
  • Provide technical expertise and advice to resolve a number of manufacturing issues, including sealing compatibility with sealant layers, and zipper crush to provide maximum pouch accessibility.
  • Provide ongoing training and support to a regularly changing team of Hershey line operators to ensure proper material handling and maintain quality standards.
  • Provide technical field support that includes operational training, product start-up and trouble-shooting.

Zip-Pak uniquely flexible benefits:

In Zip-Pak, Hershey gained a one-stop resource for a complete range of solutions for its flexible closure needs.

Hershey’s well-trained line operators provide efficient manufacturing operations and improved productivity.

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