Jennie-O Turkey

How Zip-Pak helped Jennie-O Turkey “gobble up”
consumer preference.

The flexible packaging challenge:

Jennie-O’s market research revealed that after initial opening of a traditional bacon package, consumer put leftovers in a zippered storage bag but rarely used the entire contents.
As part of their initial entry into the raw turkey bacon market, Jennie-O wanted to incorporate these behavioral insights into a more user-friendly packaging solution.

The Zip-Pak uniquely flexible packaging solution:

To solve these problems of packaging and product waste, Hormel was presented with a wide range of resealable options ultimately selecting a standard flanged zipper with a tear-off strip.

Zip-Pak uniquely flexible benefits:

  • Packaging line efficiencies were realized offsetting zipper costs and avoiding any pass-along consumer costs.
  • The resealable solution extends product freshness and encourages the use of the package’s entire contents.
  • The need for secondary packaging to maintain product freshness was eliminated, thereby reducing downstream consumer waste.

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