Ten Ren Tea

How Zip-Pak unique transverse direction zipper technology helped Ten Ren Tea strengthen brand awareness and market leadership.

Flexible packaging challenge:

Ten Ren Tea Co., Ltd., a leader in high quality traditional Chinese tea market, wanted to satisfy its customers’ needs for more tea in a flexible package without increasing package dimensions.

Zip-Pak resealable flexible packaging slider solution:

Ten Ren Tea added Zip-Pak’s unique transverse zipper technology to a new Nishibe pre-formed pouch machine. The result… Ten Ren Tea satisfied its customers’ needs with a first-ever reusable, resealable gusseted pouch for tea. The new resealable package holds more tea, plus it stands up and stands out on store shelves.

Thanks to Zip-Pak’s resealable zipper closure, Ten Ren Tea was able to provide a better stand up pouch that holds more tea with only a slight increase in package dimensions, plus keeps tea fresh—a win-win for Ten Ren Tea and its customers.

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Tea Ren

“The gusseted pouch was not only more attractive, it also had a high-quality Zip-Pak ® zipper for added convenience and value for our customers. Our customers like the new pouch design and have noticed the superior quality of the Zip-Pak ® zipper compared to the ones we’ve used on other bags. We trusted Thomsom [packaging provider] and again they came through with the perfect solution for both our customers and ourselves.”

—Mr. Su, Plant Manager, Ten Ren Tea Co. Ltd.