Summertime Reminds Us of the Impact of Freshness

For those of us who don’t enjoy hot temperatures year-round, summertime is synonymous with more than just baseball and beaches. We look forward to the fresh food – in-season fruits and vegetables, seafood right from the ocean and meats straight from the grill to our plates.

Freshness has become increasingly important to consumers all year long. Health-conscious shoppers buy local and organic products in larger than ever numbers because they associate freshness with better nutrition. Bevnet recently reported that Packaged Facts projects U.S. sales of natural and organic food and beverages to grow by 45 percent by the end of the year, eventually surpassing $78 billion in sales by 2015.

But whether foods are organic, produced locally – or neither, packaging plays a significant role in preserving the four important aspects of freshness: flavor, scent, texture and nutrition. These traits are not only indicators of product integrity, but vital parts of the product experience.

Preserving these four aspects of product integrity starts with a secure seal. Applying a resalable zipper closure prevents prolonged air exposure which can cause products to lose flavor, scent and nutrients faster – shortening the product lifespan and generating food waste. Resalable closures help prevent rapid oxidization and prolong positive product experiences. Each time a consumer opens the package for another serving; the product will taste, smell and feel just like it did the first time. Additionally, consumers enjoy knowing that the wholesomeness of that product is better intact.

It might not be summer all the time, but with fresher foods, at least it can taste like it.