The Future Remains Bright for Resealable Packaging

Every other year, PACK EXPO International brings leaders from around the world to discuss innovations and to speculate on the future of the industry. This year’s international show in Chicago, October 28-31, is expected to break record numbers and will inevitably shape the future of packaging. As we move forward, Zip-Pak has recognized certain global trends that will remain important for innovative packaging solutions.

Convenience – Consumers seek out resealable packaging specifically for their convenience. Resealable sliders are highly intuitive, allowing greater ease-of-use and added consumer convenience. Resealable packaging allows for multi-serve portions, and negates the need to transfer food to an unbranded, generic container once opened. This also keeps brand messages in front of the consumer throughout the product lifecycle.

Performance/Cost- Retrofit options allow brand owners to add zippers to a package without a capital investment and research has shown consumers are willing to pay more for a resealable package.

Protection- Consumers will continue to demand that packaging keeps their food safe and fresh. Resealable packaging prevents prolonged air exposure, which can cause products to lose flavor, scent and nutrients faster. Adding a resealable closure will help eliminate exposure and prolong positive product experiences. Each time a consumer opens the package for another serving; the product will taste, smell and feel just like it did the first time.

Sustainability – Environmentally-conscious consumers will continue to appreciate how resealable packaging prevents food waste, a substantial aspect of sustainability. Resealable packaging helps prevent food waste by maintaining food quality for longer, both in store and at home. Protecting food freshness will help contribute to a reduction in food waste.