Zip-Pak® to Showcase Latest Resealable Packaging Innovations at Interpack 2014

Marketers, brand managers and package designers can gain insight on resealable closures designed to enhance the consumer experience at Zip-Pak’s exhibit located in Hall 10, Stand A78.

Zip-Pak will feature its latest, state-of-the-art flexible packaging technology at interpack 2014 in the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre, Dusseldorf, Germany, May 8-14, Exhibit Hall 10, Stand A78.

Company representatives will be present to demonstrate the unique advantages of Zip-Pak’s Slider Select™, featured in ongoing live machinery demonstrations, as well as the full range of Zip-Pak resealable solutions. In addition, interpack attendees can also observe the application of the company’s resealable closures at other exhibitor stands, with the following interpack exhibitors planning to run Zip-Pak closures on their equipment during the event:

  • HDG  (Hall 6, Stand C41) will be running 10mm Press-To-Close™
  • Ilapak (Hall 8b, Stand C40) will be running Sensus™ and Vector™
  • PFM (Hall 13, Stand C15) will be running Sensus
  • UVA Packaging (Hall 15, Stand C37) will be running Sensus
  • Velteko (Hall15, Stand C21) will be running Vector
  • Viking Masek (Hall 6, Stand C79) will be running Vector
  • Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen (Hall 15, Stand B04) will be running 24mm Press-To-CloseTM

Among the many Zip-Pak flexible packaging solutions to be featured at Interpack 2014 include:

Sensus™ Sensory Feedback Fastener
Sensus is the first in the Zip-Pak family of resealable closures called Sensory Feedback Fasteners; they feature performance characteristics that appeal to a consumer’s sense of sound, sight, smell or touch. The Sensus re-closure profile is specifically designed to create a tactile bumping sensation and audible clicking noise when the zipper is opened or resealed. These tactile and audible prompts provide consumers complete assurance that their flexible package has firmly been sealed.

Fragrance-Zip Fragrance Embedded Fastener
Fragrance-Zip joins Sensus in Zip-Pak’s family of Sensory Feedback Fasteners. Fragrance-Zip is a new zipper closure solution designed to emit a customized aroma upon initial and subsequent openings of a flexible package. The scent is embedded in the reclosure during the manufacturing process and can duplicate virtually any specified aroma, enabling a package to replicate a desired scent whenever opened. This versatile fragrance option can be incorporated into any style of resealable Zip-Pak closure.

Vector™ Resealable Matrix Fastener
Vector is a proprietary self-sealing matrix closure system that closes securely without precisely lining up the opposing segments. Because Vector closes on itself and has no end termination, it represents an easy-to-use alternative to traditional zipper profiles. With Vector, consumers can scoop and pour flexible package contents, making it an ideal closure for a variety of applications. Vector can be seamlessly adapted to existing manufacturing lines.

Visitors can also learn about Zip-Pak’s end-to-end technical guidance and operational support for anyone who may consider integrating one of its resealable solutions into a new or existing flexible package. The company’s global field services team of highly experienced equipment and packaging experts readily travel to facilities worldwide to assist with resealable closure consultation, specification, integration and operator training.

For more information about Zip-Pak’s packaging innovations and zipper applicators and technologies in North America, please contact:

John White
T. 815-468-6500 / 800-488-6973

For more information about Zip-Pak’s packaging innovations and zipper applicators and technologies in Europe, please contact:

Anne Richards
T. +44 (0) 1947 601006