Zipbox® helps Plantation® all natural raw cane sugar drive expansion in grocery

To alter the packaging landscape in the crowded sugar category, Plantation® All Natural Raw Cane Sugar brand began packaging its product in the innovative Zipbox® resealable carton last year.  Plantation is currently sold in Dash’s Market, a four-store retail chain in Upstate New York, and the new package has resulted in clear sales growth since the initial launch.

“Plantation is excited to be at the forefront of the new Zipbox packaging innovation, and our early success with the product in Dash’s Market is driving additional expansion opportunities in other grocery chains as we look downstream to possible club store activities,” said William McDaniel, President and CEO of U.S. Sugar Co., Inc., the manufacturer of the Plantation brand.

The team at Zipbox, a joint venture between Zip-Pak and T.H.E.M., has worked closely with Plantation throughout the launch to ensure the new package format maximizes convenience in the home.  Zipbox combines a poly-coated paperboard carton and an attached flexible film header containing a ZIP-PAK® Press-to-Close™ solution.  As the product is meant for multiple uses, the resealable functionality and structural integrity allows consumers to easily open and close the package and stock it neatly.

“Brands are constantly seeking new ways to penetrate the clutter on the shelf. The initial success at Dash’s Market confirms that Zipbox catches their attention and leads to a purchase decision,” explains Frank Kelly, Business Manager for Zipbox.  “The package format’s benefits further extend to consumers by offering a recognizable closure function on a rigid carton, enhancing the convenience of their products with each use.”

As the Zipbox package format continues to gain traction as an innovative alternative to traditional rigid and flexible solutions, a major consumer product goods (CPG) company recently included Zipbox in Nielsen’s BASES II testing.  Nielsen, a leading global consumer research firm, conducts BASES II to assess new product potential and hone the consumer value proposition.  The testing consists of several criteria that included such aspects as Consumer Need/Desire, providing Consumer Advantage and Concept Credibility. Zipbox resealable carton scored positive responses to these and other test criteria, bolstering its potential as a viable package format for a variety of consumer products.

“Introducing a breakthrough packaging innovation like Zipbox requires expertise and partnership throughout the supply chain, from machinery and materials to package design and consumer insights,” explains Neil Kozarsky, President of T.H.E.M.  “The positive feedback from both Dash’s Market and Nielsen indicates we have overcome many of the initial challenges faced with a new product launch of this magnitude and will enable us to continue broad scale commercialization.”